GORV - Digital Magazine Issue #62 - Page 29

Australia ’ s most powerful caravan internet solution

Enjoy more of your journey , while staying connected to fast , reliable and stable internet . Anywhere on the Australian 4G network .
• Stay connected to fast , reliable and stable internet - using the High-Gain directional antenna with fully integrate 4G router that can receive 4G signals up to 35km from a 4G tower
• Enjoy the internet while not being stuck to your caravan - using the professional grade Wi-Fi system that can reach between 50 and 100 metres around the caravan
• Connect in more places - with Optus , Telstra and Vodafone networks supported
• Setup in minutes - with rearbar / drawbar bracket with custom telescopic pole with quick release sleeve included in the kit
• Know what speeds to expect - with a mobile app exclusive to Out There Internet users .
• Switch between 4G carriers in a few clicks - using the digital SIM swap feature located in the app .
FOR MORE INFO : www . outthereinternet . com . au