GORV - Digital Magazine Issue #62 - Page 25

The Star Vision CX3 Pro features a fold-out section that ’ s similar to other rigs in its class . This area increases internal space , creating room for the bed . However , rather than being fitted to the rear of the camper , as with some of this camper ’ s competitors , it ’ s fitted to the offside . It ’ s just a matter of unclipping the roof , wall and floor panels and locking them together – it ’ s not difficult or time-consuming .
The first thing I noticed inside was the walk-around space in the bedroom . I was not expecting this , given the compact nature of this camper . I was also not expecting the amount of cupboard and drawer space , both on the rear wall and the nearside .
Lifting up the mattress reveals a hatch for access to the 2000W inverter and fuse panel , while at the base of the bed you ’ ll find a panel with several switches that allow you to isolate the various 12V functions .
No , the dinette in this camper is not huge – but that ’ s to be expected . A small lounge is tucked into the front offside corner , while the table is actually removable .
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