GORV - Digital Magazine Issue #62 - Page 24

The external storage is a genuine highpoint of the CX3 Pro . It seems that everywhere you look , there ’ s yet more storage space . The gas cylinders are kept in the storage box on the A-frame ; however , there ’ s some storage space available here , especially on the offside slide-out , which should suit a 2kVA generator .
To the rear of that storage box , on the nearside , Star Vision has fitted a slide-out tray to suit a large portable fridge , with both an Anderson point and cigarettestyle point fitted to suit . The company has also fitted a fan to improve air-flow and the efficiency of the fridge .
Another storage compartment is built in above the fridge slide , while you ’ ll find pole storage at the rear – a full annexe is an optional extra .
I had no issues with hitching up the CX3 Pro . A McHitch coupling is provided as standard , as is an Anderson connection for charging the rig ’ s three 100Ah deep cycle batteries while towing – 200W worth of roof-mounted solar is standard , too .
On the offside , Star Vision has included an external shower , while at the rear are two spare wheels .
It was surprisingly easy to set-up this camper . First , set the awning to ‘ open ’ and roll it out a little . Then , you can undo each of the over-centre catches that keep the pop-top roof secure .
When that ’ s done , it ’ s simply a matter of pressing a button inside – the roof will automatically lift on electric rams . That ’ s right – no heavy lifting is involved . I loved this .
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