GORV - Digital Magazine Issue #62 - Page 15

After unplugging the caravan from the tow vehicle after a day of travelling , there ’ s always the question of what to do with the trailer plug and any other connections . You can drape them from the A-frame , perhaps wrapping the cable ( s ) around the hand brake to prevent the plug ( s ) from resting on the ground . Or , as Victorian caravanner Graeme Kemp has done , you can install this setup : a plug holder specially designed to keep those plugs high and dry . Ingenious !
If you ’ ve ever damaged an awning and had to have the whole thing replaced , don ’ t throw away the old awning arms . This caravanner uses the two old arms from a previously damaged awning as additional supports for his 20ft awning . It takes a little longer to setup but it is rock-solid !
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