GORV - Digital Magazine Issue #62 - Page 11

Peter Funke ’ s slide-out table attracts a lot of interest from fellow caravanners when he ’ s on the road .
“ I had been looking for a slide-out table that would fit in the front tunnel boot ( and not take up too much room ),” he said . “ I wanted one that slid out from the top , not the bottom , as I still wanted to utilise the space under the slide-out table . Most of the slide-out kitchens / tables are too low for me to use , and take up too much space .”
Peter ’ s solution : he had to design one from scratch using two heavyduty locking drawer slides . The metal support frame was a section of electrical ladder tray , which turned out to be the exact width for the hatch opening ( a bit of luck rather than design ). “ I supported the ladder rack by locating the timber supports used in the frame for the bed , bolting it into position .”
The table was made from a sheet of marine ply , painted with hammertone paint , and then finished with a two-pack epoxy resin on both sides for excellent weather-resistance .
“ Now I have enough room to store more gear in the front tunnel boot and the table takes up minimal storage , and it ’ s very , very quick to set-up ,” Peter said .
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