GORV - Digital Magazine Issue #58 - Page 8

Despite his experience , Phil Lord has made a towing mistake or two , but as he says , it ' s whether or not you learn from the mistake that counts .
With the van soon needed back at the retailer , rather than trusting my gut and stopping , and reversing the heck out of there , we pressed on in hope ... to only find no photo location worth shooting .
Just before the road out though , there was a dry creek bed with sharp , caravan-damaging drop downs . It was either try reversing back down at least 1km of twisting , narrow track with time we didn ’ t have , or cross the creek bed to get out of there . Driving as carefully as I could and getting out and checking progress repeatedly wasn ’ t enough . The rear lower panel of the van just snagged a rock shelf as we exited the creek .
Unfortunately , this van had a full one-piece fibreglass rear panel , which now , due to the damage , had to be replaced .
I resolved then and there to never again try such blind alleys with a van , and to never rush into things when caravanning .
No excuses . Adjust your van ' s brakes every time you hit the road .
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