GORV - Digital Magazine Issue #58 - Page 64

While I have done many modifications to my van , I think one of the best is a common issue people face when storing their vans on their property .
Storing your caravan on grass has issues when needing to mow the lawn , and crushed rocks are against most council regulations due to being classified as a second driveway and don ’ t look the best .
I have used astro turf on my yard . It looks great and doesn ’ t become an eyesore for the street . There is no mowing and it is cost effective . The astro turf for my yard was $ 300 .
It is a good idea for anyone wanting to store a caravan on their property and still have it all look respectable .
Joel Mayhew
This simple little modification makes hitching and unhitching much easier . I just got a couple of stainless steel pieces of rod and stainless steel nuts , and then welded the nuts onto the rod once it was placed through the shackle eye bolt . So simple but so useful !
Mark Wood
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