GORV - Digital Magazine Issue #58 - Page 57

RV FEATURE a spring mattress may offer a more comfortable night ’ s rest .
There are a few different kinds of spring mattresses that utilise different coil designs . The Bonnellcoil mattress is cheap to produce , but the springs are less durable , causing discomfort and wear . The offset-coil mattress is far more durable , but the interconnected springs transfer kinetic energy easily , making it difficult to sleep next to someone who moves around a lot . The same is true of the continuous coil mattress , which comprises one spring looped repeatedly .
Modern spring mattresses like the pocket coil and coil-on-coil mattresses have superior designs that reduce the transfer of motion , increase support , and maintain airflow .
There are a few salient factors to consider when choosing a mattress for an RV . First , you want your RV to be as light as possible to reduce fuel consumption and maintain payload capacity . The weight of a mattress might not seem like much compared to human cargo , but every extra kilogram makes a difference in the long run .
Spring mattresses contain metal coils , which make them much heavier than their foam counterparts . If you travel light with only one or two passengers , the extra weight from a spring mattress shouldn ’ t matter that much . If you travel with family and lots of luggage , perhaps a foam mattress would be better .
Comfort is , of course , extremely important . Comfort is also relative . If you have back problems or sensitive joints , a memory foam mattress will minimise discomfort . If you ’ re travelling through warmer climates or just naturally overheat at night , a spring mattress with greater airflow is a good option . If you share your bed with someone who moves around in their sleep , a memory foam mattress will reduce motion transfer and stop them from waking you up .
The Bonnell-coil design is relatively cheap to produce .
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