GORV - Digital Magazine Issue #58 - Page 56

The bunks in a family van are almost always fitted with a basic foam mattress as standard .
Gel-based memory foam contains hundreds of tiny , liquid-filled beads that absorb and trap body heat . This stops the overheating sensation that comes with poorly made foam mattresses . Other kinds of memory foam include various additives like copper and graphite , which conduct heat . Some companies even make plant-based memory foam , substituting petroleum for plant oils , which mitigates some of the heat retention .
When it comes to foam mattresses , you get what you pay for . If you want a comfortable night ’ s sleep in your motorhome or caravan , cooling memory foam is a great option . However , it certainly won ’ t be cheap .
Spring mattresses predate foam mattresses , but they are still widely used . Some people prefer the firmer support spring mattresses offer , insisting that foam mattresses are too soft . Generally , it ’ s about what you ’ re used to . If you grew up with a spring mattress , your body is likely used to firm , uniform support .
Spring mattresses are less prone to issues of overheating due to their physical structure . They have a layer of foam on top for comfort , then a layer of springs below for support . The foam layer is quite thin , and the spring layer provides a lot of empty space through which air can flow . If you tend to overheat at night , especially in the summer ,
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