GORV - Digital Magazine Issue #58 - Page 53


The nano technology , according to Vantec , allows NextGen to fill all microfine imperfections on exterior surfaces , reducing light refractions and creating an undistorted , glossy finish – all in a single application . Further , it comes with a lifetime warranty . Note : this warranty applies only to new RVs but it is transferable in the event you sell your van .
It ’ s worth pointing out that the owner of the van has a role to play in terms of ensuring the longevity of their Vantec NextGen coating . They are given a maintenance pack of the product and are advised of what products to avoid when washing their van . Taking the van through a truck wash , for example , won ’ t do the coating any good .
For the cost involved and the protection on offer , opting for Vantec before taking possession of your van at the dealership seems like a worthwhile proposition . Having chatted with Mark Hull and seen the product being applied , I will certainly consider it the next time I ’ m in a position to purchase a new van .
The cost varies from van to van ; however , as a general guide , a full application of Vantec NextGen costs about $ 2490 .
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