GORV - Digital Magazine Issue #58 - Page 51

Vantec can be applied to most external surfaces , including hatch doors .
A few years ago , Vantec became available in a whole new formula , which promised a new level of protection for your pride and joy . What better time than now to find out what sets Vantec apart from other protective coatings that are available ?
First , I learned that applying Vantec is not a DIY job . According to Mark Hull , it ’ s a job for trained professionals and it is done at the RV dealership before handover to the customer . Applying the correct amount , using the correct process , takes training and experience .
Vantec can be applied to most of the exterior components of the van . It is suitable for all cladding types , from ribbed aluminium to fibreglass sandwich panels , and is also applied to any checkerplate panels or storage boxes . Vantec does not , however , apply the product to an RV ’ s windows , as doing so could void the warranty on the windows . However , the trim around the window is suitable and will be given the Vantec treatment .
The product can , however , be applied to the van ’ s fold-down picnic table and even the doors of various external hatches .
Inside , it will be applied to the van ’ s soft furnishings : all mattresses throughout as well as the dinette . So if something is spilled on a cushion or mattress , whether it be red wine or tomato sauce , it should wipe straight off . It will also reduce fading of the fabric or leather / leatherette .
But why go to the extra expense of having Vantec applied to your new van ? There are numerous reasons , really . Not only will this cleardrying product protect all surfaces it ’ s applied to from damage caused by long-term exposure to UV rays , it will protect from degradation caused by bugs that have met their end on the front of your van , and many other environmental factors .
Just cleaning the van after time on the road will be much easier . And according to Vantec , once it has been cleaned , all surfaces should look like they just left the showroom .
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