GORV - Digital Magazine Issue #58 - Page 47

Seven different height settings .
A special pin with R clip holds the towball assembly at the desired height . However , a lockable pin is provided for this as well .
It ’ s just a drop hitch , what ’ s the big deal , right ? Well , no . There ’ s a bit more to this hitch than that , as we discovered .
It is available in four different drops : 4in , 6in , 8in and 10in . We were sent the 6in unit , which offers seven different height settings . It is comprised of two separate parts : a one-piece casting for the 4in tongue that slides into the hitch receiver , and the vertical shaft ; and a one-piece towball assembly .
The towball assembly easily slides up or down the vertical shaft – it ’ s just a matter of aligning the holes so that the towball sits at your desired height . To secure the towball assembly to the shaft , a special pin – similar to a hitch pin – is used in lieu of a bolt and is secured by an R clip . Changing the height of a drop hitch has , frankly , never been easier . The package also includes two lockable pins .
Another key feature : the Flash Integrated Scale Ball Mount , as its name suggests , contains a built-in ball weight scale . Now , this scale isn ’ t intended to provide a precise ball weight measurement . Think of it instead as a general guide , especially since the increments are very generous ( 0kg , 90kg , 180kg , 270kg , 360kg , and 450kg ), and that it has a margin of error of +/ - 10 per cent . Compression upon an internal spring – via the caravan ’ s coupling – determines the weight shown on the scale .
The other benefit of this ball mount is that it ’ s very easy to
A lockable hitch pin is provided .
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