GORV - Digital Magazine Issue #58 - Page 44

There was no need to worry . After all , for over 20 years Paul has been a movie stunt driver working on big-budget films like Mad Max : Fury Road and The Maze Runner . There was nothing that I could do to unsettle this unflappable driver .
Paul showed a level of perseverance , determination , and calm that , for me , were the stuff only legends possess . And with ease and grace , he managed to get me to back perhaps 100m to an orange cone . All done without harming him , the car , the caravan or the orange cones – success !
Then it was backing around a tight corner and Kyle Watson had the same calm , although slightly larrikin demeanour . Once again – success .
Then to the track . The RACQ road circuit is a mix of hill climbs , hairpin bends and gentle curves . Instructor Levi Taylor made the manoeuvres easy , including an incredibly tight scenario and brought out a competitive spirit in me . I had this nailed , first time , every time . This was perhaps the environment in which the single-axle Crusader configuration shone . And the MU-X took to the course with ease – offering all the chutzpah it needed up the inclines . It crawled around the tight stuff without issue .
Finally , it was onto a skid pan . Here , Matt Taylor talked about electronic brake control systems and the art of emergency braking . Then the MU-X hauled me and the van up a hill and I hit the accelerator and ploughed onto wet tarmac , then on cue , hit the brakes .
Over the sound of the rhythmic thud of the brakes , I remembered that for Matt , it ’ s not about feathering the brake or driving out of the skid . It ’ s a matter of trusting the technology and hitting the brake early and hard , staying relaxed and staying in control . Then not letting go until the tow vehicle and caravan had stopped safely . I can tell you that when you achieve that , the feeling of elation is unforgettable and worthwhile .
That ’ s the keyword from the day – worthwhile . When you are hauling along a track a combo that is more than just your home on wheels , every moment of learning and advice you can soak up at a centre like the Mt Cotton RACQ Mobility Centre with trained , experienced instructors like those provided by Isuzu – take them . Worthwhile – and also potentially lifesaving .
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