GORV - Digital Magazine Issue #58 - Page 42

Our Queensland correspondent tries his hand at reversing the
Crusader provided by Isuzu .
While these considerations are usually considered both obvious and well-understood to the point of seeming commonplace , Mark ’ s point was that it ’ s these routine things that could quickly see even the most experienced driver undone when driving long distances , driving tired or when they become distracted .
In an after-breakfast morning briefing session , Matt Taylor explained driving and towing fundamentals with an emphasis on safety .
“ Towing is more stressful than normal driving and is more likely to cause fatigue ,” he said .
After a morning breakfast with an assortment of other caravanners and their Isuzu tow vehicles , we listened to Mark and his training team cover a range of topics , from safety issues concerning speed and changes of direction , to using torque and power , cruise control , and other driving and towing fundamentals , such as the road rules , tyres and vehicle maintenance .
In this wide-ranging talk , Matt also covered speed limits , UHF radio channels , and an assortment of tips about reversing and overtaking , as well as towing legislation , trailer brakes , electronic brake controllers , safety chains and shackles , different hitch types , mirrors , and so much more .
With my head abuzz with information , it was time for the practical sessions . This was a golden opportunity to test my own skills and put the Isuzu MU-X LS-T and Crusader Musketeer Warrior combo to the test .
As a tow vehicle , the MU-X boasts construction of “ extensively high tensile steel ”, which means increased strength , rigidity and load-carrying capacity over previous models . Also , from a towing perspective , the MU-X
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