GORV - Digital Magazine Issue #58 - Page 41

To get a taste of the day , Isuzu provided a new MU-X and paired it with a single-axle , 9m Crusader Musketeer Warrior caravan . That made a combo with a price tag of around $ 130,000 .
As supplied , the MU-X did not sport extended mirrors . In Queensland , the requirement is for the tow vehicle to have a clear view down the side of the caravan . The single-axle , narrowbodied caravan wasn ’ t too wide for the MU-X mirrors , which actually provided remarkable vision for backing and overtaking . When backing , the MU-X mirrors allowed me to easily see my ‘ spotter ’ standing at the rear of the caravan and a safe distance from the side .
While they are not a ‘ mandatory ’ requirement in Queensland , provided the driver has a clear view down the sides of the van , extended mirrors make caravanning towing and backing so much easier , and at GoRV we believe they should nonetheless be used – even if they weren ’ t here .
Matt said that “ driving with a trailer is safe until you forget it ’ s dangerous ”. With that in mind , the training emphasised the need for caravanners to learn vision and anticipation skills as well as the issues of “ cutting in ” and “ swinging out ”, together with a better appreciation of the dual impact of speed and direction .
Cutting , as Matt explained , is when the caravan wheels travel on a tighter path than the tow vehicle ’ s wheels . It happens every time a caravan turns . Swinging out refers to the caravan ’ s rear overhang travelling a wider path than the wheels .
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