GORV - Digital Magazine Issue #58 - Page 4



While I realise it is impossible to cover all devices , scenarios , vehicles and caravans in reviews , I do think that the omission of the Garmin inReach Explorer + is a major omission ( GoRV # 55 ). This device allows for text messaging to any mobile via the Iridium satellite network .
It also allows for emergency messages , with location , sent to ( unfortunately ) an overseas call centre . They contact you via text . Should there be no reply , emergency services are contacted and a search and rescue mission is started .
It is not cheap , except compared to satellite phones , but the ability to start and stop is useful . Added features include GPS and maps . I cannot recommend this device enough ; we have used it from Cape York to Mongolia and Antarctica .
Stuart Green Via email
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I love your e-magazine ; it has so much useful info in it . I also love the fact that I can easily bypass anything that I ’ m not interested in , and that I can scroll through old issues without having to keep old magazines around . I have difficulty holding many things for a length of time , as my hands are arthritic .
We are about to have a caravan built . I would like to know if someone can do a review of a sandwich panel twin-bed caravan that has a full ensuite , front-load washing machine , either an L- shaped or club lounge , with the microwave not above head height for an ‘ average ’ woman . Compressor fridge , please ?
So far , I ’ ve seen queen bed reviews . Twin-bed layout can be more comfortable if one person is hot and the other is not and they have greater floor space . You can still have a tunnel boot . They can be used as extra seating space and can be converted to an eastwest double bed .
They are also more suitable for many older people and even enable two friends to go away together , without needing to put down the dining table or have extra length for another bedroom .
Barb Mewburn
04 \