GORV - Digital Magazine Issue #58 - Page 36

There are a quite few things to appreciate about the Mars 13 ’ s exterior . First , there ’ s a large storage box on the A-frame that holds not only the gas cylinders but would easily accommodate some water jerries and more . Moving rearwards , you ’ ll find a hatch for a slide-out tray . This tray would accept a portable fridge up to 60L in size – Mars has provided a 12V point within the cavity for just this reason .
Finally , you ’ ll find a pull-out stainless steel kitchen at the rear of the van . This kitchen is nicely equipped and the gas / water connections are nearby . The kitchen does , however , take a few minutes to set-up . There are some fiddly screws involved with the stainless steel covers , etc ., and you ’ ll also need to fit a couple of supporting legs .
I noticed the external GPO is behind a waterproof housing , which seems like a good idea , and I really appreciated the electric awning .
The water tanks are wrapped in protective black checkerplate . The only component that looks a little vulnerable is the outlet on the grey water tank .
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