GORV - Digital Magazine Issue #58 - Page 35

The kitchen is , as you ’ d expect for a rig such as this , on the small side . However , I really liked that Mars included a flip-up shelf nearby . The kitchen comes with a small two-burner stove , a raised sink with flick-mixer tap , and an under-bench Dometic CRX110 fridge-freezer .
Before stepping into this van for the first time , you would be forgiven for assuming that there is no on-board bathroom . However , in the forward-offside corner , a fibreglass combo bathroom has been installed , along with a zip-up privacy section above the walls .
Among the highlights inside this van is the control panel hidden by a door at the front of the van . This control panel includes a digital display that provides the percentage of remaining water in the 190L water tank and 100L grey water tank , as well as individual switches that allow the user to isolate things like the hot water heat , water pump and various lights , and more . There ’ s also one main switch for all 12V functions , so if you ’ re heading out and want to save the battery , just flick that switch .
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