GORV - Digital Magazine Issue #58 - Page 34

Then , unfasten the rear wall , which will lift on gas struts to form the roof of the bedroom . Two side walls can then be swung outwards , and the bedroom floor lowered . These different aluminium panels lock together easily enough and everything feels quite secure .
You can then step inside and position the innerspring mattress . The mattress is split into two sections that are stitched together . This allows it to be folded in half when it ’ s time to pack the camper up .
The layout itself doesn ’ t break new ground – it ’ s similar to what you ’ ll find on comparable hybrids – but it is very well executed . The first feature that caught my eye was the clever addition of a bunk . Essentially , Mars has provided a foam mattress to sit atop some rear-offside cabinets . To create the necessary length , a flip-up ‘ shelf ’ is provided , along with a foam infill to match the mattress . For safety , the company has also fitted a bunk rail that can be raised or lowered as required . Neat .
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