GORV - Digital Magazine Issue #58 - Page 33


I ’ ve said it before and I ’ ll say it again , if you ’ re in need of a genuine offroad caravan , seriously consider going compact . That ’ s why the new Mars 13 Hybrid appealed to me . It was launched a little earlier this year by Mars Campers as a companion to the company ’ s other 13ft rigs , and there ’ s more than enough here to warrant a good look .
The secret to the Mars 13 ’ s success rests in its extendable rear bed section . It is not the first rig to feature this fold-out bed setup , but it appears to have been well executed nonetheless .
To set-up this pop-top , it ’ s a matter of first raising the roof – just unclip the over-centre catches as per normal , step inside and lift . Then , it ’ s a matter of removing the retaining pins that keep the rear bumper ( with dual spare wheels ) upright , and gently lowering them to horizontal . As you ’ d imagine , there is a bit of weight involved , so a bit of assistance might be needed to lower the wheels .
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