GORV - Digital Magazine Issue #58 - Page 24

The night skies at Cape Keraudren are nothing short of breathtaking
I ’ ll admit , you would have to be pretty keen to drive all the way to the Pilbara to find a last-minute camping destination for Christmas but believe me when I tell you it is worth it . The vast campgrounds of Cape Keraudren would be the best option .
About 150km from Port Headland , the Cape Keraudren Coastal Reserve is a massive 4800-hectare site with vast sandy beaches , red weathered cliffs , tidal creeks and mangroves . The scenery here is some of the most stunning we have ever experienced in our travels . If you want a unique , remote outback experience , this is the place for you .
The views from the camp site at the Cliff Top area in Cape Keraudren are nothing short of spectacular
Cape Keraudren is a very popular destination but the area is so large , even during the busiest of times , you should be able to find a place to prop yourself . Most of the campgrounds have very basic facilities , such as toilets and rubbish bins . Otherwise , you will need to be reasonably selfsufficient . A dump point and potable water is available at the ranger station at the entrance to the park .
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