GORV - Digital Magazine Issue #58 - Page 22

STREAKY BAY South Australia ’ s Eyre Peninsula
A couple of years ago , we found ourselves in South Australia looking for somewhere to stay during the Christmas / New Year ’ s break . Someone had recommended we check out Streaky Bay on the Eyre Peninsula . That was one of the best recommendations we have ever been given in our years of travelling . It was amazing .
The township of Streaky Bay is around 700km from Adelaide . Upon arrival , you will realise it is worth the drive . It is a typical seaside village with just enough infrastructure to keep you supplied during your stay . There are a couple of small grocery stores , a hardware store and a great pub with views of the jetty and the bay itself . You really can ’ t go wrong here .
The managers at Streaky Bay Islands Caravan Park put on a Christmas lunch for all the guests the year we were there
There are three options for caravans and campers . There ’ s the Foreshore Park , which is incredibly popular . There ’ s also a new basic campground near the sports club but it has a 24-hour time limit on your stay . The third option , which would be our recommendation , is the new Islands Caravan Park .
Located about 5km to the north of Streaky Bay , along the Little Islands Road , Islands Caravan Park is one of our absolute favourites and one we keep coming back to . Being relatively new , all the facilities are modern and clean . The individual sites are huge so you can feel free to spread yourself out and take advantage of the space on offer .
Crystal clear waters off the beach at Streaky Bay Islands Caravan Park
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