GORV - Digital Magazine Issue #58 - Page 16

The Everest Nitro Extreme rides on a 6in SupaGal chassis with 6in A- frame . It includes 3500kg-rated Oz Trekker airbag suspension . The airbags need to be inflated / deflated manually via the supplied air-compressor . It ’ s just a matter of connecting the line to the relevant side and running the pump until the desired PSI is reached .
Everest used meranti timber for the framing , with studs at 300mm centres . Interestingly , Everest has opted for full aluminium sheeting ( optional – standard composite aluminium is available ) as the cladding material . It ’ s the type you might see in a commercial construction application .
My favourite aspect of this van ’ s exterior , though , is the ( optional ) external washing machine setup . It ’ s yet another example of Everest Caravans thinking laterally . The machine is actually a combined washer / dryer . Because dryers create humidity , Everest positioned the unit on a slide-out tray at the rear-offside behind a hatch door .
The machine folds flat on a hinge for stowage , and lifts upright on a gas strut when needed . Further , Everest has cleverly located an inlet to the grey water tank nearby so that the user can drain the machine directly to the tank .
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