GORV - Digital Magazine Issue #58 - Page 15

In one cupboard above the dinette , Everest Caravans has equipped the van with a BMPRO BatteryPlus35 battery management system as well as a BMPRO Mini Boost DC-DC charger . A BMPRO OdysseyLink is also fitted here and Everest has even included an optional 2000W pure sine wave inverter .
The 12V system is comprised of dual ( optional ) 150Ah lithium batteries and dual 170W roofmounted solar panels with a 30A regulator . As standard , this van comes with just the one 170W panel .
Note the gap between the bathroom and bunks , which allows access when it ' s time to change sheets , etc .
There ’ s another detail that I particularly liked : the optional laundry basket that Everest fitted inside the toilet cubicle . It ’ s small but it ’ s very neatly finished off and – again – we ’ re talking about a sub-19ft caravan . It goes to show that with some ingenuity and lateral thinking , interesting things can be achieved inside a caravan .
The overall fit and finish is pure Everest . By this , I mean that it presents as a painstaking labour of love . Sure , a bit more kitchen bench space would be nice , as would a larger dinette . But it ’ s important to take the layout in context – appreciate the fact that it offers so much without having an over-sized on-road ‘ footprint ’.
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