GORV - Digital Magazine Issue #58 - Page 14

Innovative layouts and clever use of space have become the hallmarks of Everest Caravans . This van contains a full island bed , and across the rear of the van , Everest has fitted two bunks . So what ? you might ask . Well , they are tucked behind a split bathroom – the 800mm or so of space between these cubicles is the only access to the bunks , so yes , it ’ s a little tight but it ’ s also completely manageable for kids . Further , we ’ re talking bunk beds in a sub-19ft caravan that contains an island bed , full kitchen and dinette , and a split bathroom – not bad at all .
Because the space around the bunks is tight , Everest intentionally left a gap of about 150mm between the bunks and the adjacent split bathroom so that parents can access both ends of each mattress – handy for changing sheets , etc .
The kitchen comes with a fourburner cooktop , griller , ( optional ) oven and microwave , a range of storage options and in a welcome twist , Everest has even included a ‘ waterfall ’ bench – the squareedge laminate finish of the benchtop ‘ flows ’ down the leading edge to the floor .
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