GORV - Digital Magazine Issue #58 - Page 10

I have towed with , at a guess ( there have been too many ), at least 200 different vehicle and van combinations . Some tow really well , some just don ’ t .
Even the best balanced caravan is inherently unstable , and if you really try ( stupidly ) hard enough you will get a rig to sway and jackknife . But that ’ s not what I ’ m talking about here . This is when everything is done by the book . Weights balanced ( and checked that they are ), not going too fast , road conditions perfect , and so on . And still the rig threatens to spear off the road .
Sometimes playing some more with payload distribution or fitting a weight distribution hitch or an anti-sway friction device can work , other times it doesn ’ t seem to make a lot of difference .
One example was a tow vehicle that is now , thankfully , out of production . I won ’ t mention the brand ( and no , it is not any of the models in photos here ), but this vehicle – while not bad in isolation – was in my experience just simply terrible to tow with a heavy caravan behind it .
The Wolgan Valley in the Blue Mountains is as beautiful as it looks , but wildlife abounds stay on the lookout ! ( Image : Emirates One and Only .)
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