GoRV - Digital Magazine Issue #57 - Page 76

Camping is not permitted in the national park , nor are the caves accessible to the public . However , the former owners of the cattle station acquired to form the national park now run Undara Experience . This enterprise includes cave tours , accommodation , and a variety of dining options . You can still go bushwalking in the national park , but you would normally camp at Undara Experience and take a cave tour from there .
The Archway Explorer wanders through a lava tube and cave , and with boardwalks and stairs , makes the going easy . The Wind Tunnel Explorer is a scramble along the bare ground with no rails or stairs and is for a fitter , more adventurous visitor .
The Wildlife at Sunset Tour is offered year-round ; on this tour , you will spot a variety of native wildlife along with microbats flying out from their caves at dusk . However , this tour is at its best in summer , during the ‘ green season ’ ( otherwise known as the wet season ). Since the facilities at Undara Experience are closed during this time , you would have to stay at the Bedrock Village Caravan Park at Mount Surprise ( 52km west ).
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