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Cobbold Gorge camping
Undara Lava Tubes
Bookings are essential for Undara and Cobbold Gorge ; it is wise to also book a cave tour at Undara and a gorge tour at Cobbold . Both properties are closed during the wet season from November 1 through to March 31 ( early April for Undara ).
Undara rainbow lorikeet
Undara Volcanic National Park is geologically fascinating . To quote the national park website : “ For millions of years , Undara was an active shield volcano . About 190,000 years ago , in the Cainozoic Era , there was a massive eruption and lava flowed more than 90km to the north and over 160km to the north-west . An estimated 23.3km3 of lava flowed from the volcano at a rate of about 1000m3 every second . A lava flow this large could fill Sydney Harbour in six days . It is thought that the lava flowed at a temperature of around 1200 ° C .”
The flow created one of the most extended lava tube systems globally , which , in some areas , collapsed to form more than 70 caves . These caves evolved into rich and diverse ecosystems providing food and shelter for numerous plants and animals .
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