GoRV - Digital Magazine Issue #57 - Page 53

A tyre puncture kit will help keep you moving
After having a chat to the hotel publican ( who wears an assortment of hats , including tyre mechanic ), it was decided to put a different-size tyre on the rim so he could at least get this brokendown traveller mobile . While that ’ s not ideal , Nick would at least be able to get going at a slower pace .
Getting back to Nick and his stranded vehicle with the oversized tyre , we began the job of swapping wheels around . The good front wheel was moved to the rear to make way for the new oversized wheel combo being fitted to the front . This approach was taken to stop the rear differential from potentially being damaged due to the difference in tyre size . We also explained to Nick that using 4WD with the larger tyre was out , as the front diff would otherwise be damaged .
Light truck all-terrain tyres are good all-rounders
You can keep a watchful eye on tyres with a tyre pressure monitoring system
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