GoRV - Digital Magazine Issue #57 - Page 48

Then , it was just a matter of connecting the positive and negative wires to the corresponding lugs on the fan , and then snapping the fan onto the baseplate .
“ The Sirocco II fan is great as it has a 360-degree swivel , it folds up quite nicely against the ceiling , and has three fan settings and a timer ,” he said .
“ Sirocco fans are ideal for backpackers as well as caravanners who want to renovate a van like myself , or a secondhand caravan , and hit the road around Australia , especially amongst the tropical northern regions .
“ It ’ s a no brainer if you ’ re going up to Queensland or South Australia , where it gets pretty hot – you ’ re kidding yourself if you didn ’ t want to have as good airflow as this fan will give you . It just changes the game .
“ All up , it was pretty easy to install . It only took me 30 minutes and I had no issues whatsoever . Sirocco really makes it easy for you .”
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