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Regarding the EnduroMat ( GoRV # 56 ), it sounds fabulous . However , where we camp at Lake Tyers Beach ( Vic ), we are allowed no mats of any variety at all , according to the manager . He claimed they were now banned by the fire brigade as they were a tripping hazard , if they need to put out blazes in the caravan park . Do you know if this is just a local directive ?
I would think the tent and awning ropes , electric cables and water hoses would be more of an issue , but they are not banned !
Chris Tew Via email
Hi Chris , thanks for your email . This sounds like a local directive . I have not heard of such a ban before and can ’ t imagine it being a statewide ban . As you pointed out , there are plenty of other items in a campsite that could cause a firefighter to trip . Where would it end ? – Ed
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Very interesting in regard to the campground at Texas , Qld ( GoRV # 55 ). I grew up in Texas and my father built the Royal Hotel , now renamed the Stockman , in 1955 . The old bridge at the campground was the only way into Texas and as kids we used to dive off it , but this is not possible anymore as the gravel , etc ., has been built-up to within 4ft on the bottom of the bridge .
I have stayed there on several occasions and spent time revisiting old school friends .
In regard to the rabbitworks , there were at least five families who relied on the rabbits , being trappers , for their livelihood . The turnover of the old days , comparing it to modern day values , was approximately 3 million per annum , all gone now .
The old museum is very interesting as they have the only charcoal burning film projector in Australia .
Thanks for the opportunity to add some memories
John Griffith Via email
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