GoRV - Digital Magazine Issue #57 - Page 32

The ERS has allowed for extra space throughout the camper ’ s interior , so New Age has revamped the cabinetry and included a kicker under the cabinets , which works well . It has also allowed some extra depth to the comfortable seating .
There ’ s also more space for a larger microwave . I liked the LED strip in the centre of the roof , which will feature a dimmer control in future models . This light worked well on our gloomy day . The door features an improved locking system as well .
New Age has set up the WF13 with a basic package called the Comfort Plus . The mechanical basics of this pack include a 4in Walkinshaw-engineered hotdipped galvanised chassis , slipper spring suspension system , manual pull-out step , an 80L water tank , a second 9kg gas cylinder , a 15in wheel and tyre package with 10in brakes .
A 50mm ball hitch , the ERS roof system , one-piece floor Raptor spray coating and new decals round out the body , while the spare wheel sits on the back on a neat tubular rear bar system .
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