GoRV - Digital Magazine Issue #57 - Page 31


On what was one of Melbourne ’ s wettest and windiest days in spring , we hooked up the New Age Wayfinder camper and headed out for some fun , all the while hoping the weather might clear . Unfortunately , it didn ' t . It was a good test for opening and closing the camper in the rain though !
Not every review can be done under blue skies , so it was with the rain pouring down and streams of water running under the camper that we checked out this New Age Wayfinder WF13 Comfort Plus .
Let ’ s start with an exciting new feature of these models , the Jacka Electric Roof System ( ERS ). Instead of wind-up jacks and cables to raise the roof , it ’ s simply a matter of using an electronic controller in the front boot . Push a couple of buttons , and the roof goes up and down . It can be stopped at any stage , and it ’ s straightforward to use . The system has the ability to be lowered by releasing the electric motors , which will enable the roof to be closed , but it can ’ t be wound up manually .
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