GoRV - Digital Magazine Issue #57 - Page 26

Volunteering isn ’ t something people commonly consider doing when they ’ re on the road , and while by definition it ’ s unpaid work , sometimes the perks make it worthwhile .
Many volunteer jobs for RVers come with free accomodation and / or food and can provide a unique experience that you wouldn ’ t get otherwise , such as working alongside rangers at a national park or helping out around a station .
These sorts of experiences can end up being some of the most memorable of a trip , not to mention those warm , fuzzy feelings that come with lending a hand to someone in need .
One of the best lessons to be learned from living on the road and being out in nature is living more simply . Going back to basics can be a good opportunity to reflect on what are actual necessities versus just wants in your life , and help you realise how little you need to be truly happy .
For us , it ’ s a nice campsite ( preferably near water ), a dazzling sunset , and a delicious campfire meal followed by sitting back to enjoy the bush TV or the stunning night sky display that Australia puts on so well . You just can ’ t beat it !
Volunteering is good for the soul , and it can help you save money as well .
Bush TV and million star views what more could you want ?
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