GoRV - Digital Magazine Issue #57 - Page 24

One of the less exciting , but arguably most important , aspects of travelling with an RV is maintenance . Maintenance costs tend to be a commonly forgotten part of a travel budget , but things can , and do , go wrong .
Always keep up to date with servicing your vehicle ( s ), especially if you plan to spend a lot of time in more rural places . Just like everything else , the expense of fixing something goes up significantly the more remote you are . Not to mention the extra time it ’ s likely to take if parts are needed , possibly costing you valuable trip time .
By keeping a close eye on your gear and doing regular checks , like tightening the wheel nuts or measuring tyre pressures , you can prevent a serious issue from happening or pick it up before it gets worse .
Housesitting can help save on your accomodation budget ; bonus if you can park your RV on the property !
Keeping a close eye on things such as tyre pressure can help prevent severe mishaps and repair costs .
This one is probably more applicable to those who are on extended or indefinite trips , but housesits can be a great option to keep accomodation costs down . As an added bonus , it can be a nice opportunity to have a short respite from van life and enjoy some mod cons for a bit .
Many towns have a community noticeboard or housesitting page on Facebook where homeowners and housesitters can connect . Otherwise , there are several housesitting organisations online , such as www . trustedhousesitters . com . au , where you pay a small annual fee to have unlimited access to homeowners nationwide looking for house ( and usually pet ) sitters .
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