GoRV - Digital Magazine Issue #57 | Page 23

There ’ s no denying it ; eating out is expensive . If you ’ re trying to stretch out your dollars for your trip , cooking your own food can be a massive money saver . This means having the right equipment for storing and cooking meals , including proper refrigeration and utensils .
This applies to coffee as well ; those takeaway coffees can add up ! There are all sorts of options to brew your own coffee that are light , portable , and make a great cuppa .
However , try to save some room in your budget for the occasional meal out ; some of those country bakeries or outback pubs are well worth the higher price tag !
Cooking your own food will help save money , but there are some places you really shouldn t go past without calling in , like the delightful Prairie Hotel in outback South Australia .
A simple bucket plus a lid and you ve got laundry wherever you go !
Buy local when you can , especially for fresh foods such as meat .
Cooking your own food will save you lots and still can be just as ( if not more ) tasty as pub grub .
One inevitable fact of life on the road is that at some point , you ’ re going to need to do laundry . While most machines are only about $ 4-5 a load , this can add up quickly if you ’ re travelling for long periods , especially for families , and washing machines aren ’ t always easily accessible in more remote areas .
An easy solution is a good old fashioned bucket . Simply place your dirty clothes in the bucket , add water and detergent , use your hands or a broomstick to stir around ( conversely , if you have a lid , seal the bucket and take it for a drive !), then rinse and hang up to dry . Easy !
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