GoRV - Digital Magazine Issue #57 - Page 21

One of the biggest factors in determining how long people can be on the road is money . Travelling with your own accomodation has many cost-saving benefits , so here are some tips to make the most of them and be able to afford to travel for longer …
Free-camping is a great way to cut down travel costs , and there are some epic free camps all around Australia . However , if you don ’ t have the right setup for it , you may have to be more reliant on staying in places that provide power and water .
With Australia being one of the sunniest countries in the world , solar is probably the most popular option for offgrid power , especially if you don ’ t require 240V power , so look for RVs with solar panels or consider purchasing a foldable solar panel or blanket .
Water tends to be the other main limiting factor for offgrid camping ; therefore , the bigger your water tanks , the longer you can stay . Consider everything you ’ ll need water for ( drinking , cooking , dishwashing , toileting , showering , laundry , etc .) and be as frugal with your water use as possible .
Travelling during off-peak times usually means cheaper rates , especially in those prime locations ( pictured : Broome , WA ).
During the peak season , this view would be wall to wall caravans , but in the off-season it s water views all around ( pictured : Kununurra , WA ).
Many places around Australia have on-peak and off-peak seasons . On-peak , or tourist , season is when the weather is usually at its best and most attractions are open and available . But it is also when it tends to be its busiest and most expensive .
It may seem undesirable at first to head to a location in the off-peak season , but it does come with benefits . First , it will usually be significantly less busy , meaning you ’ re more likely to be able to enjoy campgrounds and attractions without hoards of other people around . Many caravan parks and attractions offer significant discounts to their fees in the off-season as well .
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