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There isn ' t much point going to Cobbold Gorge if you don ' t do a tour of this perfect geological gem . The gorge is only accessible on a guided tour . A Savannah guide will take you along the top of the gorge , offering a fascinating insight into the geology , flora and fauna of the area , followed by a peaceful electric boat ride through the gorge .
Birdwatchers have plenty of species to spot on the Cobbold Bird List . Fossickers may want to try the 30km self-drive day to Agate Creek : a permit is required ; for further details , ask at the Village when you arrive . For other tours , including a full day on Robin Hood Station , visit the website .
If you enjoy the Cobbold Village hospitality , plan on spending a night or two in Forsayth because the same family owns the Goldfield Hotel there , the very heart of the ‘ town ’. You can take a ‘ Forsayth by Lantern Tour ’ at night , or a tour to Einasleigh ( bus over , Savannahlander train back ) with time to view Copperfield Gorge . The Forsayth Tourist Park provides a good base from which to explore .
Eastern grey kangaroo in Cobbold Gorge
Travellers who prefer to do their own thing can proceed east from Forsayth to Einasleigh to spend some time at Copperfield Gorge . This gorge is at the south-west edge of the lava flow created by the volcanic eruption you learned about at Undara . A fissure in the resulting bed of basalt was eroded by the Copperfield River , creating the gorge . There is a small campground at Copperfield Lodge . A 42km unsealed road heading north will deliver you back to Highway 1 .
You can easily spend at least five days in the Etheridge Shire area ; it is a classic outback experience you won ' t soon forget .
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