GoRV - Digital Magazine Issue #52 - Page 9

At the rear , on the nearside , Mars has fitted a stainless steel slideout kitchen that ’ s easy to connect to the van ’ s onboard gas supply via a bayonet . I also liked that the kitchen remains permanently connected to the water tanks .
Near the kitchen , you ’ ll also find a series of switches to allow you to isolate the van ’ s various 12V functions , including a main switch that will cut all 12V power to the van .
A huge point in this rig ’ s favour : the amount of external storage on offer . There is a series of storage lockers along both sides of the camper , a tunnel boot , and even a small front boot .
As standard , the Ranger X is very well equipped – there are even three 100Ah deep-cycle batteries , a 30A charger and a 1000W inverter . However , while there is a 50A Anderson plug to charge the
batteries while towing , you ’ ll need to option in a solar panel in order to charge the batteries when free-camping .
It ’ s worth pointing out that the Mars Ranger X comes standard with a 4.7m annexe , as well as an external ensuite area , to go with the 4m awning .
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