GoRV - Digital Magazine Issue #52 - Page 80

However , by the time the couple arrived in Darwin , their backs were so sore from the effort of living and working between the caravan and their Toyota that they both could barely move . In fact , Jess ’ back pain hospitalised her in Darwin . They decided their tour was over .
While the cattle camps of western Queensland and the hot summer sizzle of Darwin or trekking along backroads are now pleasant memories , the tiny oval coffee caravan is still at work for the couple in Port Macquarie , NSW . Its usual home is by the front door of the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital .
Jess and Andy smile when thinking of the memories their little coffee caravan brewed for them .
Jess says that as they move towards building a family together , that little caravan will eventually start moving again , but home will always be Port Macquarie .
Ask Jess for advice on setting up your own coffee caravan in the hope of making your fortune and she will sigh and smile . “ You won ’ t make any money , but you will gather a treasure trove of wonderful memories .”
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