GoRV - Digital Magazine Issue #52 - Page 78

This little van was towed along plenty of difficult tracks , all in the name of bringing quality coffee to the people .
Unfortunately , the worst part of every trip came each Sunday afternoon when they ’ d drive back to Melbourne , unpack from a wistful weekend and prepare to return to work in the city . And then an idea struck them both .
“ We had the idea of living full-time on the road so we didn ’ t have to come back to our normal jobs ,” Jess Davidson recalled . That was 2017 .
An extensive time spent roaming Australia ’ s highways and byways meant having to find a way to earn an income while living a nomadic life . As they both loved quality coffee , the answer seemed obvious . They ’ d tow a bespoke coffee caravan and sell speciality coffee brewed from a particular blend .
This caffeine-fuelled caravanning adventure wasn ’ t slap dash . No , it took about nine months of careful planning . The duo commissioned a custom-made caravan that looks vintage . But this is no plywoodclad replica of a yesteryear design . It ’ s actually clad with a lightweight , strong aluminium composite called Alucabond that she believes is the reason it fairs so well surviving the elements .
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