GoRV - Digital Magazine Issue #52 - Page 77

Andy and Jess love a good cuppa .
It was coffee that Andy Hoffman and his partner , Jess Davidson , loved most about Melbourne .
For them , Melbourne offered an almost endless array of little cafes perfectly brewing intriguing blends of impeccably roasted and ground little beans . It was Melbourne coffee rather than the assortment of chic coffee shops that cool people with tall stories and high hopes frequented . It was just the coffee , for the coffee allowed them to steal time from busy lives and spend them with each other and watch the minutes melt into a frothy white crème .
Melbourne gave them something else , too ; the chance to leave . It was routine for Andy and Jess to leave behind the city ’ s long dark alleys with their funky street art and its cool music venues , and all the chic big city affectation that Melbourne does so well .
Come Friday night or early Saturday morning , they ’ d pack their van and head off on another camping weekend in the great outdoors , sipping coffee by a fire and talking as star-filled Victorian skies rolled overhead . And nothing but the whispering breeze to murmur stories of adventure and romance across a bush landscape in which only the scent of wellmade coffee interrupted the kookaburras ’ laugh in the mornings and curlew wail at night .
Andy and Jess would put their coffee van to work for various charities .
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