GoRV - Digital Magazine Issue #52 - Page 64

A few simple ingredients is all that s needed to make a good all-round cleaner .
But for an all-round cleaner to use inside an RV , we can ’ t go past our homemade mix . While there are commercial cleaning products available , using a mix of 20:80 vinegar and water , plus a dash of dishwashing liquid and some lemon juice , works very well .
The mix is kept in a spray bottle and can be used to wipe over most surfaces . We use it for basins and the toilet , as well as for cleaning the shower , vinyl floors , internal walls and benchtops .
Another item we always keep on hand is a packet of microfibre cloths . They have many uses inside and outside the RV , and they are easy to wash , dry and store . This makes them a good allround touring accessory .
While we ’ d all like a quick fix when it comes to cleaning , the bottom line is you can ’ t avoid having to use a bit of elbow grease at some stage . But by regularly keeping on top of the cleaning jobs , it will leave your RV in tip-top condition and ready for that next trip .
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