GoRV - Digital Magazine Issue #52 - Page 62


We like to give the toilet cassette a really good clean at the end of each trip . A natural product , like citric acid , is added to the cassette along with some warm water . Sloshed around and left to sit for a few hours , the cassette is then emptied . It ’ s a simple process , yet the cassette is left clean and smelling fresh in readiness for the next trip .


Cooking inside can sometimes leave a mess on the cooktop , especially when there ’ s oil or other fats involved . Simply sprinkle any grease with some bicarb soda or a citrus-based cleaner , then spray on some undiluted vinegar . Leave it for a few minutes before wiping it all off .
Our homemade mix works a treat on internal surfaces .
Using citric acid to give the caravan toilet a good clean .
We wash and wait for the awning to dry completely before putting it away .
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