GoRV - Digital Magazine Issue #52 - Page 61

Get into the habit of doing this type of wash and clean periodically to keep your A-frame looking like it just came out of the factory showroom .


An RV ’ s windows can scratch easily , so use something soft , such as a large sponge and a small amount of mild detergent in some water to do the job . Do not use any harsh cleaners . Windows streak when washed in the heat , so run some cold water over them before drying with a chamois or a microfibre cloth .
A natural product like Lanotec can be used for so many purposes .
Take things gently when it comes to cleaning window mesh .

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The mesh on an RV ’ s windows is soft and needs to be treated gently to avoid damage . A simple mix of 20:80 vinegar and water works well . Giving them a good wipe over will have them clean in no time .


While there are many commercial products , such as bleach , and other specific products to eliminate mould and mildew , these can damage protective coatings on an RV . We ’ ve tried all sorts of products in the past , but we now stick to something simple , such as oil of cloves . It ’ s environmentally friendly , and only requires a teaspoon in a bucket of warm water to remove these culprits . It also helps prevent the spores from regrowing .
An RV ’ s shower cubicle can soon develop a build-up of soap . There are a couple of different methods for keeping it clean . One way to minimise the build-up is to use shower gel as an alternative to a bar of soap . Simply wiping over the cubicle with a microfibre cloth after showering will also do the trick .
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