GoRV - Digital Magazine Issue #52 - Page 60

A large , soft sponge is a gentle way to give the windows a clean .
Finish the job by wiping the wheels with a polish wax that ’ s suitable for your type of wheels , as it will make cleaning them much easier next time .
Tyre walls should also receive a good scrub with a detergent / water mix and finished off with one of the many protective products on the market . Our preference is a simple water-based product that can be applied with a paint brush . It dries without any sticky residue and leaves a protective coating that helps to minimise UV damage .


Give the A-frame a once-over by starting with a light pressure spray . Follow this up with some detergent or truck wash , and soap everything up with a brush or a large sponge . Be sure to include the gas cylinders and regulator .
A bag of microfibre cloths travels with us each trip .
The A-frame collects road grime and any paintwork will take a bashing from stones , roadworks and bugs . So use some bug and tar remover where needed . Touch up paint on any areas where there are paint chips to prevent corrosion .
Finish off using a non-solventbased protector , like Lanotec . Spray it on and wipe over all the surfaces with a soft rag . It will bring dull paint and plastics back to life and leave an all-weather protective coating to surfaces at the same time .
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