GoRV - Digital Magazine Issue #52 - Page 59

Proprietary aluminium cleaning products get our thumbs up .

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One of the best things we ’ ve used for cleaning our RV is a simple soft broom and a bucket . With just some warm water , a mild detergent and a bit of elbow grease , this combination is a gentle way for cleaning the RV ’ s exterior . We ’ ve also used a pressure washer on some occasions , but only on the lowest setting and being very careful where the jets are aimed .
For stubborn marks , like roadwork tar , a citrus-based product that has been allowed to soak in for a few minutes before being washed off can work well .
It ’ s also a good idea to avoid washing an RV on a hot day ; otherwise it may end up with water streaks .
Checkerplate is one of those items that looks fantastic when it ’ s shiny and clean . There ’ s a range of products available on the market to help even the dullest of checkerplate , but you need to take care . You could find that some products scratch the metal and make it susceptible to corrosion .
We generally use something like a truck wash or a dedicated aluminium cleaner , as they both work well .


Road grime mixed with brake dust will never be easily removed with a simple squirt from a hose . It ’ s here where a good quality wheelcleaning brush mixed with a bucket of hot , soapy water and elbow grease will have them looking like new .
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