GoRV - Digital Magazine Issue #52 - Page 54

This was a lifesaver . I have a dual-axle Adria with an Al-Ko chassis , and the only way to jackup the van in the case of a flat tyre is to climb underneath and place a jack in one of two places : either at the end of the axle or on the heavy steel axle plate attached to the chassis . I did not want to be climbing underneath the van in the dark and risking the van falling on me .
Al-Ko makes special jack brackets but on my Adria there is a water tank in the way of fitting these brackets .
I use Froli levellers to level the van , which when under one wheel do not lift the other wheel . I placed a very light sleeper on the ground , backed the van on to the sleeper and then on to the Froli levellers . The result is it lifts the other wheel about 50mm off the ground . There is no risk of the van falling on me and easy to do in any conditions .
Barrie Fox
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