GoRV - Digital Magazine Issue #52 - Page 49

The cabin is very comfortable and what we really liked as well is that you can still communicate with the two people buckled up in the back . ( Note : the two additional seat belts in the back are not a standard feature .)
The side mirrors give you great vision and sitting high up the road makes it easier too . The trickiest part is that the body is wider than the cabin of the motorhome , which we needed to get used to . The motorhome has a reversing camera , which helps when backing the RV ; however , I would personally install an additional rear view camera to be able to see what is behind you while driving .
Because of our lack of experience , we decided to stay close to home for this first trip . We drove about 90 minutes to the beautiful town of Daylesford , Vic , where we stayed at Mount Franklin Campground . This is a free camp located inside a volcano crater and the first come , first serve rule applies . We picked a very cold weekend ; luckily , the pine treecovered crater rims protected us from most of the wind .
The AVIDA Busselton is practical and spacious inside . While stationary , we had the slide-out extended full-time , to be able to walk around the main bed and have access to the bathroom . Make sure while parking the motorhome that you have enough space around you to use the slide-out , as the total width will be 2.5m .
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