GoRV - Digital Magazine Issue #52 - Page 48

The hand-over at Roberts RV World in Campbellfield , Vic , was absolutely amazing . Sales executive Peter took the time to show us the ins and outs of the motorhome , focusing on making us feel comfortable about the driving part .
The AVIDA Busselton is a selfcontained motorhome with a kitchen , a bathroom with a toilet and shower , and two double beds . It is built on the rear-wheel-drive Iveco chassis and comes with a powered slide-out four-person lounge . Peter showed us how to operate the electronic control panel above the entry door , which is used to monitor all the onboard systems , including water and battery levels , power sources and more . This panel also has the main power switch in it , which we used to turn all power off overnight . Furthermore we went through the bathroom , slideout , cooking facilities , fridge and automated door step .
It looked like this luxury motorhome had absolutely everything we needed for multiple days off the grid . Now let ’ s find out what it ’ s like to drive ; the scary part .
Being ‘ slightly ’ nervous about driving the Busselton ( Harvey took out his tape measure the night before our trip to show me how wide the motorhome actually was ), I have to say that driving the AVIDA Busselton was easy as pie ! We absolutely loved it ! In the beginning it was a bit intimating ; however , you do get accustomed to the size pretty quickly .
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